Love. The most important thing in our lives, and yet, why is it so difficult to find, keep and nurture?

The Bellevue Journal of Fiction and Poetry is a new journal dedicated to poems and short stories about love. Because we believe in love, we want to read and share what you've learned (or what baffles you).

We’re optimists. We believe that even though current events in the world can be nerve shattering, as simplistic as it sounds, many of us go through our days kissed by luck.

What does that mean? If we think about it, at any moment, disaster can strike, but if we reach the end of the day, disaster didn’t strike. What opposes it?

Our desire for a future is stronger than the desire for destruction. In other words, our relationships – large, small, recent, long term. At the simplest level, a love of something or someone (or if we’re lucky, both).

The Bellevue Journal is holding our first poetry contest. All poems about love in any of its forms are eligible – romantic love, family love, friendship, etc.

To be published in our journal, enter the most current contest. What can you win? Featured publication on the front page of our journal and a $100 prize!

If you'd rather submit a poem, please refer to "Submissions" above and follow the guidelines.

Our Publisher

I'd like to introduce you to our publisher, Nina Weinstein.

Nina Weinstein spent seven years receiving rejection letters for her very personal novel, "No More Secrets". Rather than give up, she joined a writers' group and went to conferences, trying to improve her writing. Finally, she met an agent at the Santa Barbara Writers' Conference, where she took first place in fiction. Her novel was published and reviewed across the country for two years. It was nominated as a "Best Book" by the American Library Association and voted a "Best Book" by the New York Public Libraries. "No More Secrets" was translated into Danish and German, and sold in paperback to dtv in Germany.

In addition, Nina Weinstein has published 20 English language textbooks, including bestsellers, with major New York publishers such as Pearson Education, Cengage, McGraw-Hill and others. She produced books directly for the Asian markets with her own company for ten years.

Currently, she's a specialist in teaching international learners the nuances of natural spoken English. She has a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from the University of California at Los Angeles, and was a teaching fellow at Harvard University.