This is a brand new online journal. Currently, we're looking for short single poems to start. One of our motivations for starting the journal is that we wanted writers to have a place where they won't just get a form rejection if we don't add their poems to our website.

We'll tell you why we didn't publish your poem, if that's the case. You may not agree, but we'll respect you enough to give you a real reason and assure you that someone actually read it. We're finding our voice in this new venture, so though we may not publish your poem, if we loved it, we'll tell you that and appreciate that you allowed us to read it.

We also wanted to focus on love rather than some of the trends we see in the world today. We know this website is a small thing, but we'd like to add our voices to something positive.

All of your poems will remain as your copyright. There's no honorarium at this time if your poem is published because this is a new journal, but if your poem is published, it will be featured in the section "Poems" for everyone to continue to enjoy.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Submit 1 - 2 short original poems. (one page or less each)
2. No profanity
3. Poems should be on some aspect of the challenges of love -- relationship love (ANY kind of relationship), love of country, love of one's job, etc.
4. Email all submissions to

Thank you for being a writer.